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After Treatment

After Treatment

1. Be prepared to discuss and stick with your boundaries, while positively reinforcing healthy behaviors

Boundaries and Self-Care | Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Setting Boundaries in Addiction Recovery | Hazleden Betty Ford (

How to Clarify Your Boundaries with Want Willing Won’t (

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Helpful Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills: How to Do It (

How do I best talk to my loved one about the impact of their use? (

3. Talk about a relapse prevention plan for your family: what are triggers in environment, healthy communication, trust building behaviors, supports (sponsor, friend, therapist, etc.), response/plan should relapse occur.

Understanding Relapse and The Risks | Hazelden Betty Ford

Preventing Relapse | Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Getting Sober and Staying Sober Podcast | Hazelden Betty Ford

Find a Sober Coach with The Connection Program | Hazelden Betty Ford

4. Find fun ways to spend time with loved one and recognize it is not your job to keep your loved one sober, they are responsible for their own recovery. Support and reinforce recovery behaviors.

About Soberocity -

National Sober Active Community | The Phoenix

Fit to Recover (

5. Continue with ongoing support for self (education, therapist, recovery coach, support groups, etc)

Support for Families of Addicts | Family Program | Hazelden Betty Ford Helping Families Help

Take part in the Healthy Relationships Program with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. 

Family Resources - The Daily Pledge

Taking Care of Yourself | Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Find a Sober Coach with The Connection Program | Hazelden Betty Ford

Twelve Step Alumni Meetings - Hazelden Betty Ford Chapter Meetings

Family Services Orientation: Your first step in family support

This family program is intended to support anyone (families, parents, spouses/partners, friends or support persons) that know someone that struggles with addition and mental health. 

Available in English and Español. Also available for Native Americans.

Recommended Reading

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Substance Use Disorders

Understanding the science behind substance use disorders and the recovery process, with a brief overview of co-occurring disorders.

Healthy Relationships Workshops

These 4 consecutive 90-minute workshops have been developed to specifically support you and provide you with helpful skills to navigate what to say, how to ask and clarify your role with your loved one. Find out more here.

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