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Family Resources for Teens

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Co-occurring Disorders - Treating Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Healthy Relationships Workshops

These 4 consecutive 90-minute workshops have been developed to specifically support you and provide you with helpful skills to navigate what to say, how to ask and clarify your role with your loved one. Find out more here.

Recommended Books

Coping with an Alcoholic Parent
Kay M. Porterfield

Suggestions for dealing with alcoholic parents so their drinking doesn't control their children's feelings and their lives.

Different Like Me
A Book for Teens Who Worry About Their Parent's Use of Alcohol/Drugs
Evelyn Leite & Pamela Espeland

Explains the nature of chemical dependence, advises children of drug or alcohol dependent parents what they can do to handle the situation, and clears up misconceptions about drugs.

For Teenagers Living With a Parent Who Abuses Alcohol/Drugs
Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer

Answers questions about alcoholism asked by teenagers. What causes alcoholism? Where can I get help? What do I do about the abuse? Should I stay at home? Where can I go? Why do I fight with my parents even when they are sober?

The Secret Everyone Knows
Help for You If Alcohol Is a Problem in Your Home
Cathleen Brooks

It Will Never Happen to Me
Growing Up with Addiction as Youngsters, Adolescents, and Adults
Claudia Black

Children who grow up in addictive families abide by certain rules: don't talk, don't trust, don't feel. The rigid survival roles and youthful coping behaviors they take on, such as the responsible child, the adjuster, the placater, and the acting-out child can eventually contribute to problems of depression, loneliness, and addiction in adulthood. Using poignant personal stories, thoughtful explanations, and helpful exercises, Black helps readers gain personal insights and develop new skills that lead to a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

BALM Book - The Loving Path to Family Recovery - Download Chapter 1

Find some of these books (and many more!) at the Hazelden Betty Ford Book Store.

Find Hazelden Betty Ford resources on our page.

Empowering Recovery and Well-Being for All

Find dozens of helpful videos on every aspect of recovery on the Hazelden Betty Ford YouTube channel.

Substance Use Disorders

Understanding the science behind substance use disorders and the recovery process, with a brief overview of co-occurring disorders.

Support Groups for Teens

Virtual Family Program - For Adolescents (12-18) -- Hazelden

Alateen - Al-Anon Family Groups

Alateen Meeting Search - Al-Anon Family Groups

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation offers outpatient mental health services for family members in many states. In Minnesota, these groups include Recovery Relationships and Families Affected by Addiction (FABA). Find more at: Mental Health Services | Hazelden Betty Ford

Twelve Step Alumni Meetings - Hazelden Betty Ford Chapter Meetings

Family Services Orientation: Your first step in family support

This family program is intended to support anyone (families, parents, spouses/partners, friends or support persons) that know someone that struggles with addition and mental health. 

Available in English and Español. Also available for Native Americans.

Donate to Help Other Families

Your donation will help another family be better able to support a loved one in recovery. Click here to donate today.

Find a Sober Coach

Convenient and confidential, Hazelden Betty Ford's Connection program helps you navigate early recovery with personalized recovery coaching.You can also receive monitoring and accountability reports, as well as random drug testing.


ShatterProof - Just Five
Delivers the most important concepts and facts regarding addiction in just five minutes.

Pleasure Unwoven - Dr. Kevin McCauley
Uses the spectacular landscape of Utah’s State and National Parks to describe the brain areas involved in addiction, turns complex neuroscientific concepts into easy-to-understand visual images that will help people in recovery feel better understood, and their families and friends feel hope that recovery is possible.

More YouTube Videos

More videos:

Do I Have an Alcohol Use Disorder? - YouTube

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