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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I pledge 24 hours without alcohol, and doing all it takes to live fully sober, without self Critisism realising this is a lifetimes work. Thanks everybody for this platform
  • 24 more!
  • May I know God's will for me today
  • I pledge another day without alcohol.
  • Good Morning everyone! Feeling better every day!
    Gratefully in with my pledge of another 24 no alcohol for me!
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    A share in the Discussions section this week has really been inspiring and remembered all week. Our (((MacJames)))) posted about having triumphed over a crisis that cropped up in his life. He said, "A crisis is our chance to shine."
    And it is! Doesn't seem or feel normal to rejoice when heavy problems or situations blindside us (as life can do sometimes). The natural thing is to just throw up hands and cry when crisis comes.
    But we really bounce back from troubles much faster when we look around for the joy and gratitudes we have around us while we pass through the storm. Finding joy on purpose when we are challenged swells up our insides and then comes to our outsides to help. What a difference when we face sorrows, troubles, unexpecteds, and challenges when we realize.....
    "Even through is good."

    Let's do it gang! A great weekend to enjoy and each-other to make it all even better. Big Hugs on Everyone.......thomas
  • Thankfully pledging another day of sobriety
  • Good Morning! I am excited to pledge another day of no drinking. Yesterday, I passed my preliminary exams for my doctoral program and I was successfully able to celebrate without alcohol and instead simply enjoying that successful moment.

    Tomorrow we are having a birthday party. We’ve decided to have no alcohol at the party. Very nervous about this, but want to be sober at my son’s birthday. Give me strength to get through it.
    P.S., I am new to the site so if this is not the place where I post such messages, please let me know.
    • Congratulations on passing your exams and being able to celebrate without alcohol! Your HP is giving you the strength! YEAH!!
    • How wonderful ((((RunToHeal))))! You'll be celebrating both your son's birthday and your own recovery all in the same day....all from making next right thing choices! Good for you! (((Joel))) is right, there is no wrong way to post anything-anywhere on the site. Only thing is on this page, so many people post that your share moves down and then onto the next page back quickly and not so many are able to see and comment on your share. If you go to the Discussions Section and either create or join in on one of those Discussions there...your share will be seen much longer by more people as they log in here through the days. And last but certainly not least....a HUGE congrats on your pre Doctoral exam! You have so much to be proud of and look forward to. Big "Way To Go" Hugs to Ya....thomas
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  • Consistent
  • Adventures
  • Amazements
  • Twenty-four
  • Calm
  • Exercise
  • Blessed
  • Confident
  • Sunshine
  • Acceptance
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I still have all pathways open to me today, I can take guidance and don’t hold the map anymore, I am open and willing
  • My wife and I had a blast together today!
  • ...for so many opportunities to learn so many different new things and new ways in recovery, life, business, music.....just goodness....there is just so much life to choose from out there.
  • Grateful to have another day!
  • grateful for the kindness and compassion the fellowship of AA has given me over he years for if it wasn't for the "rooms" I doubt I would be here.
  • Our good friends whom we go riding with know we are not drinking they still want to ride mc's with us and are fine to stop at DQ instead of the tavern!
    • Sounds like friends to have
  • I was hugged by my children and was present and happy.
  • Where I used to not be able to handle change very well...I now can. Not always perfectly and certainly not all the time, but more and more with way more consistency... Grateful.
  • I am at peace! No expectations as to what my day is about, but I am fine with that!
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