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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I'm going to Pleage for today not to pick up with God's grace
  • Good morning everyone! In with my pledge to live the next 24 hours enjoying my recovery.
  • And we decided to have an alcohol free party but guests are bringing wine and beer as gifts. Oy!
  • Hi. I feel myself slipping.... my mind is trying to say, I can just have one beer. But I know it’s just leads to an open flood gate that I don’t want to do. But it’s hard for me. Family parties are a trigger. I am part posting this to get these thoughts out and if anyone has a good mantra to say in these moments, I welcome it. Thank you dear travers (as I heard one person say).
    • Dear RunToHeal
      I have experienced exactly what you shared many times in my short recovery. I did learn from some old timers in the program. One step at a time,one minute at a time . Of course they knew what they were talking about. I tried it! 10 minutes after I had convinced myself I could have a glass of wine,the video fast forwarded in my brain. That made the decision easier.... No wine for me! The feeling passed,and I got another 24hours of sobriety. Don't surrender! Keep up the good work
    • (((RunToHeal))) Oh yeah, I've heard that voice several, several and several more times. I know that voice well and it is very powerful if you let it be. What helped me to keep that voice at bay was to play the tape through. In other words, what will happen if I take a drink? In my case, nothing good ever came after the first drink. At least not while I was in active addiction. But also play the good tape too. What will you feel like when the party is over and you have conquered that voice? Now that's a good feeling :) You can do this!!!
    • Joel - great advice! The concept of playing the tape forward to the end with both options worked really well. I did not give in and am sitting here present with my family enjoying sober life! Thank you all so much!!! Serenity and JoeyD too.
    • Joel's advice is really good and the 1st time I faced your situation, I grabbed a glass and filled it with lemon water (use pop, water, juice any thing like that) and kept it full and in my hand. If I set it down or lost sight of it I went and got a new one. And don't be afraid to step outside to get some air when you need to. We're right here and we're on your side.
    • JoeyD - also great advice. I used sparkling water in a can with a coozie. It’s over and I just moved all the alcohol out of my house. Thank you thank you!
  • Pledging no alcohol for me today
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  • Holidays
  • Adapting
  • Tranquil
  • Mindful
  • Planning
  • Consistent
  • Adventures
  • Amazements
  • Twenty-four
  • Calm
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am so thankful that I have come to a place where I am able to get a grip on my thoughts and feelings. By not drinking I am able to deal with life’s ups and downs and still find Serenity. I feel so incredibly blessed this morning to have peace in my heart.
  • Seeing new places.
  • I still have all pathways open to me today, I can take guidance and don’t hold the map anymore, I am open and willing
  • My wife and I had a blast together today!
  • ...for so many opportunities to learn so many different new things and new ways in recovery, life, business, music.....just goodness....there is just so much life to choose from out there.
  • Grateful to have another day!
  • grateful for the kindness and compassion the fellowship of AA has given me over he years for if it wasn't for the "rooms" I doubt I would be here.
  • Our good friends whom we go riding with know we are not drinking they still want to ride mc's with us and are fine to stop at DQ instead of the tavern!
    • Sounds like friends to have
  • I was hugged by my children and was present and happy.
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