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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I pledge to not entertain my addiction today.
  • I pledge to stay sober and patient today
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
  • In 4 24!
  • Good morning to all! I’m so grateful for everyone’s shares and pledges, and it’s giving me strength! I pledge to live another 24 hours in recovery and surrender my life and my will to my Higher Power!
  • God I offer myself to you today to have me and do trough will..take away my difficult that victory over them I may bear witness to those I may help. I Pleage 24
  • Gratefully pledging my 24
  • Unplanned day off. Sober!
  • In 4/24! TGIF and I am straight and sober. Have a good, y'all!
  • Great day to remain grateful and not drink, so that is my plan. Happy sober Friday !
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One Word

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  • Hopeful
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Aware
  • Wondering
  • Anxiety
  • Sunshine !
  • Accept
  • Travel
  • Reality
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Over the years I heard, then said, three of the most powerful words anyone could offer to someone who struggles with overcoming some unhealthy behavior. The words are, keep coming back.

Woven together, those fifteen letters comforted—and continue to comfort—me, and many others, who walk away from a conversation that offers hope for change no matter how dire the situation.…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I got healthcare
  • For another day of sobriety and peace of mind
  • I'm going on vacation!
  • One more day until vacation!
  • I don't have a lot, but I have what I need!
  • I am off to start a "make life better for everyone" list too. I love to receive a card or letter in the post especially as we live in the age of social media with its " friends" most of whom we haven't heard of in 30 years and frankly wouldn't know them if we saw them in the street, but " like" every time that post a picture of their lunch.
    Thanks for sharing this (((Thomas)))
  • .....someone in recovery sent me a very unexpected card and hand-written letter in the regular mail....and the thoughtfulness to take the time to do so when they could have said the same thing much easier and certainly more conveniently by email or internet messaging is the most touching part of all in receiving it. I just put doing this myself for others on the "make life better for everyone" list.
  • Grateful for the positive things in my life today. They keep me sober!
  • Life's simple pleasures.
  • .....for the bills I pay each month. They are proof positive that life is being lived responsibly...and that life is good and provides so much in return.
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