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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • No alcohol for me today.
  • Pledging 24h
  • Hi, I have just joined.
    1st time and I pledge 24 hours.
    • Welcome aboard!
    • Thanks!
  • Good morning, I pledge another 24 hours in recovery
  • In for another day. It will be a hard one, but I’m in.
  • Good morning all. Gratefully pledging 24 hours.
    "My Declaration of Self-Esteem:
    I am me. In all the world there is no one else exactly like me. There are persons who have some parts like me, but no one adds up exactly like me. Therefore, everything that comes out of me is authentically mine because I alone chose it."
    —Virginia Satir
  • I pledge another day of sobriety with gods help
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
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One Word

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  • Life
  • Invite
  • Love
  • direction
  • Warmth
  • Grateful
  • Pause
  • Consistency
  • Holidays
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I was simply trying to sit and speak to him, figure out some safe boundaries.  Not just for me but for him as well.  Instead I was yelled at a put down.  Told he was tired of me saying he was the problem, when nothing of that nature left my mouth.  He said he was sick of being accused, when no accusations were being thrown.  Again, left in a world with so many questions.  He is the addict and I feel abandoned. I stayed strong for him.  I cried for him.  I prayed until my heart bleed for…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • Every day I wake up clear and feeling good I feel grateful.
  • No longer self loathing but self loving which is giving space for compassion. Grateful to not have surprises in my bank account of too much spending which gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Grateful to wake up feeling good.
  • I live in a safe neighborhood and am not homeless.
  • I am capable of a useful function.
  • For my sobriety these 180 days.
  • I have faith in myself and the program.
  • I choose to be.
  • I'm ok. It's difficult to accept that sometimes and not create drama.
  • ........I've got more blessings than Hershey's got little M&Ms !!
  • My memory is improving
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