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  • Gratefully in for my 24!
  • 24, but feeling like I actually need to see someone. My anxiety is through the roof and I need to figure out how to calm it without drinking. Drinking is not for me anymore, but feeling all the feels needs to get reigned in somehow! I need to learn a new way.
  • I pledge today to recovery
  • Grateful to be alive and sober this morning. Aiming for grace for another day.
  • I pledge another day of sobriety!
  • Good Friday all I'm n 4 24 more!
  • I will stay sober today.
  • Hi all. Gratefully pledging 24 hours and doing my best to let myself be human today. It will soften my vision of life.
  • Another 24 clean and sober. I'm in!
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
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One Word

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  • Support
  • clarity
  • Content
  • Strength
  • Proud
  • Hope
  • Focus
  • horses
  • Quiet
  • Productive
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I was simply trying to sit and speak to him, figure out some safe boundaries.  Not just for me but for him as well.  Instead I was yelled at a put down.  Told he was tired of me saying he was the problem, when nothing of that nature left my mouth.  He said he was sick of being accused, when no accusations were being thrown.  Again, left in a world with so many questions.  He is the addict and I feel abandoned. I stayed strong for him.  I cried for him.  I prayed until my heart bleed for…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • For a clear head so I may think through moments instead of react to them.
  • I have the choice not to be insane and sick.
  • I am changing.
  • I get to be totally "Present" today
  • I get to work the 12th step every day.
  • I have the courage to try acupuncture to see if it helps my ongoing arm/elbow issues.
  • My spirit is younger than my now aging body and my heart is accepting more of situations. My mind is quiet as I think "yes my God all is well you are my great love". So, my prayers are started with I love you and next for blessing to others who struggle daily as I do to the next right thing. Thank you all for our community at this site I am grateful for this touchstone!
  • I have help in these difficult times.
  • I get to live
  • That I can go to work without the dread of bending over because I have a hangover.
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