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  • No alcohol for me today. A few things to clear up - results of impulsive decisions made without self-awareness but nothing too serious, just have to do the work.
  • Pledging another 24
  • I'm pledging another 24 hours of sobriety
  • I pledge no alcohol, drugs or binge eating this day.
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    It took me such a long time to realize just how really free and wide open the adventure of life in recovery really can be. Once I stopped turning around every day and telling an addiction I had already defeated how powerless I still was....I could face the opposite direction and do or be anything, in any way, with any dream, direction, or goal I choose. I am not the powerless one......the addiction is the powerless one....and cannot be otherwise without my permission.

    As long as what I'm choosing is not harmful to myself or any other being in any's absolutely and completely permissible! That's a LOT of freedom, choices, and adventures to get to go on! And that's still such an amazing thought to me every time I set sail on more travels of the journey.

    Let's do it gang.....together with each other there just isn't a whole lot in life we can't accomplish. Big Hugs on Everyone.........thomas
  • In 4 24! Six months sober yesterday! Today is the longest I have been sober since I was 18.
    • Congratulations!!!! That's amazing!
    • What a wonderful accomplishment! It feels good to reflect and see what we always called "impossible and improbable" was really in fact very possible and do-able. Huge Congrats Hugs on just another Job Well Done! thomas
  • I pledge another 24 hours of sobriety
  • I pledge to stay sober another 24 hours.
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  • feels wonderful to go to bed so peacefully each night knowing all is right with the world......and whatever may not be in some way.......soon will be.
  • Each new day is a blessing because I am sober. Each new day brings me closer to the God of my understanding.
  • I have a relaxing day planned, sitting by the beach and reading!
  • It's a beautiful day!
  • I have choices.
  • ...I made the choice to stop drinking...well there really wasn't any other viable option- tbh
  • I am loved!
  • 7 years free from nicotine. So grateful to be free from that scourge.
    • Wonderful IRISH! It is not an addiction easily overcome. Thank you for the inspiration!
  • I am sober
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