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  • I havent pledged in awhile because I have not been sober in awhile. Cocaine is my addiction as well as the alcohol that comes with the "party drug" I'm recently 5 days sober and jt has been a little but I have found when you cut out the negative people in your life you find yourself to be alone with few people that actually care for a person's well being. It is a difficult battle but seeing everyone's words of encouragement and hearing people's success helps me realize there is an end to the dark tunnle
  • I am off my schedule - but I Pledge the next 24 hours to Recovery
  • So grateful for the support. We had a joyous day. trixie
  • I am so Thankful for this site and all of you here. Hubby and I have both gotten rid of all the alcohol and are sharing some beautiful days sober. It's only been about a week, but I must say even just one week has given us so much encouragement and joy and hope along with feeling so much better.
    May you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day... We all have so much to be thankful for.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!! Wishing everyone a stress free and sober day. I'm in.
  • I'm Thankful to be pledging 24 this Thanksgiving
  • Grateful to be back and pledging my sobriety for another 24 hours with the help of God!
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends & fellows, lets make it a stress free and Sober one!
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m very grateful today for many things. The first is my sobriety.
  • In 4 24! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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  • unconditional
  • Thankful
  • Choices
  • Gratitude
  • Thanksgiving!
  • Thankful
  • Peace
  • forgiveness
  • Homework
  • Tasks
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I was taught to never give in and never give up. To surrender was to lose, and I was to avoid it at all costs. As such, I led with my ego, and thought that I could bully, cajole, or manipulate my way into getting just about anything I wanted. And for the most part it worked – until my alcoholism took over. After years of trying to control my drinking, I had reached the bitter end. It was either surrender or die.


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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am a good example of a human being today.
  • Several reasons, but today, mostly for all of the opportunities I have been given to succeed in every aspect of my life. Didn't always make the right choices, but always had an opportunity to do so.
  • I am just coming back after another relapse. Grateful that I quickly found my way back!
    • Great to see you made it back!!
  • I’m sober, alive and have hope.
  • I have much to be thankful for!
  • grateful for the surprises every day brings
  • ...I have time and am able to work on several neglected projects.
  • all our children have partners who love them and all our grandchildren have loving and supportive extended families.
  • I am not working and have lots to do for the Thanksgiving feast I'm hosting tomorrow.
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