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  • Pledge 24 hours
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    A nice snowy day here to enjoy...ummm, from the nice warm inside looking out that is. The temps of 5°-8° degrees doesn't have me wanting to venture out very far. Living on a tall hill also caused me to not be able to get to a performance last night, but a bit of acceptance and a reassuring phone call even made that all okay. Winter has it's own kind of beauty, promises, and unexpected decisions. Just like all of us, each season has it's purpose and takes us from one cycle of life into the next. So many things I once took for granted.

    Let's do this again together gang! Big Hugs on Everyone.....thomas
  • Good Morning everyone. In with my pledge for another 24. No alcohol for me just for TODAY.
  • Pledging for another 24
  • Pledging my sobriety for another day.
  • Good morning everyone! In with my pledge for another 24. Have a great day all!
  • doing 24 more
  • 24 more!
  • In 4 24!
  • Today I'm sober and going to stay that way today.
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  • Brrrrr!
  • Changes
  • Committed
  • Hope
  • Indecision
  • Positive
  • Grief
  • Sanity.
  • Happiness
  • Oneness
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The Things We Leave Behind

Every addict gives something up for their addiction. I've been thinking about this a lot this week. I'm in treatment, and my treatment center has a digital piano in a tiny room which they label the "Meditation Room". The room is like an afterthought, like they were donated this keyboard, and needed to put it somewhere, so they cleaned out a closet and shoved this keyboard into it with a few chairs, and thought, there...someone, someday, may play this, and in the meantime, we…

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The longer I am in recovery the more I realize that it matters not what venue I chose to use. The whole purpose of recovery is to empower my change for the better.

There is a whole plethora of recovery approaches out there and they require the exact same thing.

That I have to do the work. It matters not whether I am a A.A., utilize…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • ....of enjoying watching the snow fall around all the little birds and squirrels that come to enjoy the feasts we provide for them. Reminds me that I will always be cared for in one way or another.
  • I've made it three weeks
    • Big Smile Here Jo! You've got a very good New Year going there girl!
  • I can let go of fears.
  • ...of all the opportunities and different choices I get to make everyday- without the "aid" of alcohol. I'm also finding that now that I'm sober, I can be quite indecisive. Too many bad choices in the past I guess.
  • We dodged a bullet in Austin with the ice!
  • The day after tomorrow I get to spend the weekend in retreat at the Renewal Center. Very much looking forward to it.
  • Snow in the ATL.
  • I have the honor of attending a Christian University. One of my greatest dreams in life was to get an education and I am so grateful it is happening.
    • You are a model of what recovery can be! How exciting. Congratulations Gail!
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