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  • Good morning ((((Everyone)))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. Seeing my addictions Dr. this afternoon. Hope you all have a good and sober Fri.
  • Pledging my 24 with gratitude
  • Once again I am here to pledge no alcohol for me today!! Of course I need to ask God for his guidance as I go through the day. Good Day to you all!
  • Pledging for today
  • 24 more!
  • Good morning fellow travelers! I’m pledging another day of abstinence and sobriety! Making good choices and not picking up is a gift from my Higher Power. And my gift to my Higher Power is to not pick up, NO MATTER WHAT!!!
  • Gm fam n 4 24 have a great morning
  • Good morning Fam, I`m in for the next twenty four hours , clean and sober.
  • 24 more!
  • Thy will be done
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One Word

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  • Friendships!
  • Learning
  • Faith
  • Covered
  • Fellowship
  • Committed
  • Inspired!
  • Hope
  • Patience
  • Growth
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Over the years I heard, then said, three of the most powerful words anyone could offer to someone who struggles with overcoming some unhealthy behavior. The words are, keep coming back.

Woven together, those fifteen letters comforted—and continue to comfort—me, and many others, who walk away from a conversation that offers hope for change no matter how dire the situation.…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am at peace! No expectations as to what my day is about, but I am fine with that!
  • TGIF!
  • I am Sober, clearheaded and able to sit back and watch life unfold and not lose my mind over it.
  • Enjoying a productive conference.
  • I am taking steps
  • I have another day.
  • … Happiness always comes from within.
  • The medication I am prescribed. They keep me healthy both physically and emotionally!
  • For all of the wonderful experiences that can only occur with sobriety .
  • For my supportive husband
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