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  • Pledging 24 more hours of sobriety
  • Pledging to live in recovery for this 24 hours.
    Another week rolling along, pale fluffy catkins bursting open on the Willow tree, apple tree buds getting ready to open and the birds cranking up the volume a notch or two.
    The sights,sounds and smells of life renewing it's self around us and mostly without us incharge.

    Who else starts the day with a list,the race against nature list? The I need to get this done and that fixed before the weeds take over and I want paint, fix the fence and add a bit of curb appealing spring flowers so it's nice for any visitors risking dropping in.

    He's a fine man nature (as the Irish say) so each morning I'm going to try to accept and appreciate what that fine man or higher power has been up to and who knows that may be all I need.
    • What a Wonderful Share this morning! Thank you ((((jackalene))).
  • Good morning (((Everyone))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. Hope you all have a good and sober Thurs.
  • Good morning - grateful to pledge another 24
  • Good day to be sober. Grateful to pledge my 24
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
  • Pledging for today
  • 🌄 Good morning, ((((( All ))))). Gratefully pledging 24 hours living in recovery together with all of you. ❤️

    "NOTE TO ME:
    - Small steps every day add up to big things.
    - Small progress is still Progress!
    - Celebrate your small wins!"
  • Pledging to go 24 more
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  • Springtime!
  • Grateful
  • Hope
  • Acceptance
  • Honest
  • Admin
  • Exploring
  • Sober!
  • Warm
  • Quiet
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~ thomas ~

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  • .....enjoying the promises of new life to come on this first day of Spring!
  • Admin
    Grateful for earned humility. So much stronger than the pretend kind.
  • Always able to find warmth at the website, talking to my sponsor or attending an AA meeting.
  • I am grateful today because since 22MAR23 I have gone to bed sober and awoke each morning since sober. Not much time under my belt, but I am grateful for each day.
    • Good for you (((Robert)))! Not much time is totally unimportant. Making the days count instead of counting the days is what true recovery success is made of. Good job!
  • Only 8 more days until Spring.
  • Reconnecting with friends a gift of sober living.
  • Everyday is a day closer to spring.
  • I have a warm house, food, and family to be with as the snowstorm rages outside!
  • I haven't fallen to the temptation to drink. Despite all that's going on.
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