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  • I pledge another 24 hours of being sober and clean
    I just heard that 3 people died in the past week; opiod overdose. One was 23.It is just so sad that most people can't get the help; for so many reasons; insurance, etc. I want to thank Musicianthomas. You seem to frequently help me, with so much wisdom and caring for so many people whom are here; and I am sure so many others that are not on this site. My sobriety is really the most important part of my life. And being clean for 53 weeks has been Very Difficult. My Opiod addiction was and is sill so painful. I am trying to forgive myself, that is really hard for me. But reading all of these positive offerings has helped me on a daily 24 hours. So thank you all..
  • With the holiday season approaching, I am just trying to get through it sober one day at a time. When will I learn that I do not need alcohol? Life is better when I stay away from it but still I make a split second decision to drink. I do not want to change my sobriety this time and will put in more effort with God's help.
    • (((Michelle))) There is no such thing as "needing" alcohol. Want it? Sure, it can happen, but it's always choice and if you choose to take alcohol off the table as any option for your life....the struggle ends. It's just a done deal, the struggling begins weakening and then leaves you entirely. But only when you choose empowerment and take the word powerless out of your dictionary. When will you learn this? The very moment you choose to learn it. It's better to let empowerment cause discomfort for a little while than to struggle with urges and thoughts for much longer....even years for some. You've got this girl. Just choose rightly, that's all! Big Support Hugs....thomas
    • Such so sweet and caring words; magical as well as being making me feel empowered; Thank You
    • Thanks Thomas. You are right. It isn't a need, it's a choice and I have proven that. As long as I stay on track with my routine and the program, I am in a better place. Alcohol isn't even a thought most of the time but once I've made my mind up or even have the smallest thought about it, I am gone like a horse off to the races lol. In that case, it is to the liquor store but I do not do this alone. It usually involves an old friend from my past which I keep at a distance for a while until for whatever reason we meet up again and I have a slip. It has happened twice already. This time I will not be beaten. I have done it once and I can do it again. I made it to one year and this time I am not going to throw that hard work away. I went to a bar with my mom the other day. She had wine, I had cranberry juice ;-)
  • How are you all staying sober today? I say I’m going to do it every morning when I wake up but 5:30 rolls around and there is always a reason to drink. Anxiety being one of the biggest
    • (((Yogagirl))) Glad you came to share....welcome! How do I stay sober today? By choosing to do so. There is only one reason myself or anyone else ever drank alcohol......because we wanted to and chose to. There is no person, place, thing, event, or situation that has the power to make me drink. The choice is always mine. Uncomfortable for a while in the beginning? Definitely. But choosing successfully? Also definitely. You can do this! Sending you a big support Hug! thomas
    • All that you wrote is true. Thank you Thomas for reinforcing this!
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    It goes without saying how such a large part of Christmas is the giving and receiving of gifts. We tend to think of things as gifts and these are wonderful presents to wrap. But as well as wrapping the gadgets and boxes of things, those of us in recovery know the greatest gifts are the ones we give and receive all year long by wrapping ourselves for others. It is when we give and receive our time, our compassion, gentleness, and our comforts that we become larger and truly rich. As we walk the pathways of recovery, it is when we let someone struggling borrow a little of our courage or give a bit of light from our own pathway to someone else's lantern that may have grown too dim to see clearly that makes the difference.

    Whether you just picked up the lantern of recovery today....or you have carried the lamp of recovery for years....there is no difference in the amount of light each one gives to each other. There are no small or large lanterns in recovery....only bright ones.

    Today's View: I will see what is good, kind, and useful...and bright about myself with my walk in recovery....and I will give some of it someone.

    Let's do it gang! Each-othering is powerful. Big Hugs on Everyone....thomas
  • My first day here.
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  • Uncertain
  • Exercise
  • Freedom
  • Free
  • Hope
  • Creating
  • Love
  • Change
  • Blind
  • Happy
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  • My memory seems to be gaining strength, I notice it the little things; I am able to type now. I am able to not stutter. My puppy; my savior, my soulmate. I am grateful for all the things that God has given me so freely. I am grateful for being alive; a new life. Another chance to have a new life. A life that exists every second. It seems , being in my recovery, I live so much, after my 24 hours, with prayer, meditation, and faith, when I talk to my Mom for example, I will call her the next day; and it will seem that is has been a week. Then I realize it has been only 24 hours. Living in recovery allows me to be present; and grateful
  • I am no longer a prisoner trapped in my own mind. I still tend to soak up other peoples negativity. When I am around negative people, I get anxiety. I think it's because I am trying so hard to stay positive. Today, the sun is out for the first time in a few days. I put on my dog's booties and winter jacket, got bundled up myself and enjoyed our walk. Having a relaxing afternoon (in my case morning) with a hot cup of coffee. Having a dog forces you to get out there. I have some of the best times with my dog.
    • Me too Michelle! I don't do the sponsor thing, but if I did, it would be my puppy. Teaches me more about unconditional and acceptance than I can shake a stick at. Good for you!
  • My cold seems like it is getting better; I have surgery this morning which I've put off for over a year. While recovering I can't swim but i can wrap presents, do lots of baking, and walk my dogs. I can be positive today.
    • Yes you Can do those things! Wonderful attitude and I'm sending you healing thoughts and prayer. You journey well with that kind of mindset!! Atta-Girl Hugs on Ya!
  • without my glasses I can barely see
    • Me too (((Jan))). Grateful for glasses myself!!
  • This site
  • I get to go to classes that will enhance my ability to treat other people in a different way.
  • .............I gave a nick name to my uncle, I called him "Special Uncle" because he was born with many birth "defects". He died this morning and I am grieving. He went home to be with God and while my heart is broken, I will see him again. I am grateful for his special life this morning and how he touched my heart so deeply.
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