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  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    After such a pretty morning out with my quiet hour I've had the joy of privately messaging with a few friends in recovery. So I'm a bit late coming in today.
    Staying close in to the circle of those of us new or returning in recovery is not something I consider service work at all. I consider it just another of the many rewards of recovery—the getting to experience new and strengthening genuine friendships with some of the most wonderful people on the planet.

    With the sun out and the outdoors just begging me to get out into it....I think I'll just take up Nature's offer and head that way for a while.
    Let's do it together gang. Another day....another each-other.
    Hugs on Everyone......thomas
  • Good Morning Friends. I pledge no drinking for me today. Take care gang.
  • Happy Hump Day. Gratefully pledging my 24
  • I am here today.
  • Pledging 24h
  • Just for today I will stay sober and enjoy whatever the day may bring.
  • Going the haul for 24, it's been a one moment at a time.
  • Great day for staying sober so sign me up...! :)
  • Looking forward to 24 hours of sobriety. Getting very excited for my upcoming 4 day hiking trip!
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
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Ideas for Helping My Family Recover

Although I have 9 1/2 years of continuous sobriety now, I put my family through HELL getting here.  They've been to a family program @ the Betty Ford Center and attended alanon but I kept drinking.  Now, I would like some ideas for thanking them, other than my continued sobriety and return and participation, to real world life.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for your help with this.


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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • My basic needs of food, shelter, clothing are met. That I will give kind words to those I meet, when i invite God to remain with me this day. Thank you all for coming and sharing your thoughts, we are together.
  • A new day to start fresh.
  • It's still raining!
  • I was able to pull myself out of a funk. I had allowed someone’s very rude and demeaning comments almost get the best of me. I was able to remind myself that when people do ugly things, it’s about them, not me.
  • With out asking our neighbor showed up with machines to repair driveway. God is doing for me what I could not do. Was it a coincidence I don't think so. I'm always on the watch to lend a hand and someone came to lend their hand. So humbling and I am so grateful. Now I can get back to weeding which I have been blessed bounty of. Weeds are like our daily life of habits never completely gone but always there to tend too. God bless the weeds too!
  • I am here today
  • It's raining!
  • The rain has stopped, flooding took out bridge. Local family stood on their property surrounded by water. Wow. Too much of anything water. Alcohol, food etc causes issues. Thankful for rain stopping.
  • be able to enjoy an almost new scenery every morning when I step outside for my quiet hour. It's always growing, blooming, and changing...just like we are!
  • Quiet time of reflection.
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