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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I pledge another 24 to my Lord and Saviour. Today had been very productive. I have been very blessed. I walked out of jail 30 days ago. I had no one to help me. I didn't even have a dollar to my name. In 30 days, I have a 6 figure paying job. I have a new vehicle. I have a house. I have my wife and children. I have started my own business. The blessings go on. This can only be God's doing, because a homeless bum off the street doesn't just get a lifetime of success in 30 days without extreme help. This can only be a blessing from God, a blessing I didn't deserve. I'm careful to be mindful of the fact that this is not my success, the only reason I have this success is because I let God handle it first. Everything I touch is successful because God touched it first. Tomorrow I go on a vacation. I can't even remember the last time I took a vacation, it must be about 20 years ago. Not too long ago I heard someone say that God can take you anywhere HE wants you to be in 24 hours. I literally almost laughed at that, but now I can honestly say that I am first hand witness to several of those 24 hours. I know I'm truly a miracle, I was not even supposed to be alive today. I now know that my time did end when I was supposed to die, and I'm now on God's time. I must do what God wants me to do. As quick as HE gave me these blessings, HE can take them away. Know that all things are possible with God.
  • Gratefully pledging quickly while at work. Still no internet which makes this hard as I’m 30 minutes away from tne nearest coffee shop/library. Work is so busy I can’t squeeze it in. Life is busy and full. I’m still grateful for my sobriety with everything that is happening in my life. Feeling strong.
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    Jumping in today while I can. Everything, including my performance nights are all back in full swing. One tonight.....and another tomorrow night. There is a lot more labor and involvement than just the few hours of the show everyone sees. And it can be really a wonderful kind of way. But it is a labor of love that allows me to present my gifts to the world, meet new people every week, laugh and catch up with old friends, and the gift of being able to live actively in my passions.

    Underneath it all, as I'm always traveling to and from these performances with the deepest of gratitude....I am well aware that without recovery.......not one bit of this kind of wonderful would even be possible at all.
    Everything I've been through sober has been so very worth every challenge, every setback, every rough day, and every determination to get here. And that gift is available to ALL of us. Just gotta keep one foot in front of the other, moment to moment, day to day.

    Let's get out there and live our dreams together gang!
    Hugs on Everyone! thomas
  • Good morning, friends! Pledging another day to sobriety :)
  • Good morning ((((Everyone)))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. Going to be a semi-busy day of cleaning today. Hope you all have a good and sober Sat.
  • Morning all, pledging another 24 hours of sobriety. Hope everyone has a nice Saturday!
  • Pledging 24
  • I'm pledging to remain sober for the next 24 hours
  • I pledge another day of sobriety with God’s help
  • In 4 24
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  • Motivated
  • Music
  • Faith
  • Trying
  • Intension
  • Building
  • Trust
  • family
  • Alcoholic
  • Saturday
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  • Two years sober. Feeling beyond grateful and humbled.
    • Congratulations! That is awesome.
  • .......that it's such a beautiful sunshiny day.....and I get to be a part of it all.
  • Going to see Reba McEntire tonight!
  • I received good news yesterday from my doctor on my biopsy results.
    • YAY! So happy for you! :)
  • I can find the good in me and good in another person and that's enough.
  • I have a wonderful family!
  • i woke in a room I could walk out of!
    • LOL, right? :)
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