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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • Thankful to pledge 24 more hours. Have a good day community
  • So grateful to wake up sober and commit to another 24
  • 🌄 Good morning, ((((( All ))))). Gratefully pledging 24 hours living in recovery together with all of you. ❤️

    "The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning."
    - Oprah Winfrey
  • Better late than not at all.
    I happily commit to a completely sober life for this 24 hours.
    Peace - Love - Togetherness
  • Good morning (((Everyone))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. Hope you all have a good and sober Wed.
  • Pledging 24 hrs of turning my fears and anxieties over to my HP. 216
  • Thankful for 24 more
  • 24 more!
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
  • Grateful to pledge my 24
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Should I?.....Taking Risks in Recovery


"If you never attempt, never ask, or ever leave the comfort zone, the answer will always be "no" and everything will stay the same."
~ thomas ~

      Seems that taking risks to get what I want from recovery and life itself has just become a way of life…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • .....enjoying the promises of new life to come on this first day of Spring!
  • Admin
    Grateful for earned humility. So much stronger than the pretend kind.
  • Always able to find warmth at the website, talking to my sponsor or attending an AA meeting.
  • I am grateful today because since 22MAR23 I have gone to bed sober and awoke each morning since sober. Not much time under my belt, but I am grateful for each day.
    • Good for you (((Robert)))! Not much time is totally unimportant. Making the days count instead of counting the days is what true recovery success is made of. Good job!
  • Only 8 more days until Spring.
  • Reconnecting with friends a gift of sober living.
  • Everyday is a day closer to spring.
  • I have a warm house, food, and family to be with as the snowstorm rages outside!
  • I haven't fallen to the temptation to drink. Despite all that's going on.
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