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  • 24
  • 7 months in, I pledge another 25
  • Good morning (((Everyone))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. Just running some errands today. Hope you all have a good and sober Sat.
  • I'm in for 24 more hours of sobriety
  • Happy Saturday everyone!! I'm pledging at least one more day of sobriety for me.
    • This is my afternoon affirmation of my day's pledge. I get my cravings in the afternoons so that's when I'm most vulnerable and need an extra boost of hope and courage.
  • I’m in for 24 more
  • Starting a 9 day vacation today, it would'nt be possible if I wasn't sober! I could'nt show up consitantly, or keep a job long enough to earn a vacation. Thank You Lord And Savior, for doing for me, what I was'nt able to do for myself. And creating the Miracle of the 12 step program! I commit to staying sober today, no matter what! Have A Blessed Weekend All!
    • What a wonderful celebration indeed! Enjoy your vacation and enjoy the accomplishments that made it even possible. You've earned and deserve this!
  • Clear eyed and looking forward to stepping onto the next level!
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Coloring The Pages of Recovery



       It is always amazing how children are such great teachers and masters of life...if we just leave them alone and pay attention. I fondly remember how one afternoon my little grandaughter brought a coloring book open to a page and said, "I'm going to color this one," and then off to the table…

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The Sniffles

    Periodically I get the sniffles. When this happens, my brain seems to catapult backwards into some form of pre sobriety state where everything is black or dark grey. Its like I have a big depression button and the neighbor kids are using it for a trampoline. While this sounds pretty dismal it is actually a pretty normal thing for me. Since I moved to a more patalbel climate than the UP of Michigan, I have not been sick once. It has been well over three years since my normal annual bout…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • ... I haven't had a drink today, and I have a chance to keep doing that.
  • I get to enjoy the miracle we call life. It's a great day to be alive!
  • I am clean and sober and have many gifts and blessings in my life most all serentity.
  • Feeling and boundaries are protective!
  • I am feeling
  • If I do like or agree with something, I am free to express and say so. If I do not like or agree with something, I am free to express and say so. We are all blessed because we live in the country we do and have those rights.
  • Admin
    And another one! Sun just keeps coming up every day.
  • I'm alive & sober
  • Admin
    New every morning
  • Keeping the truth.
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