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  • Pledging another 24 hours
  • 24 more
  • Gratefully pledging another day
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
  • Good morning (((Everyone))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. Hope you all have a good and sober Sun.
  • I commit to staying sober today, I am blessed beyond comprehension! Thank You Lord And Savior, For Doing For Me, What Nothing Can! Have A Blessed Day All!
  • Pledging for today
  • Day 159. I pledge to remember to turn to my Higher Power as often as I can and focus just on today.
  • 🌄 Good morning, ((((( All ))))). Gratefully pledging 24 hours living in recovery together with all of you. ❤️

    "Every morning's dew is a fresh breath of a new beginning."
    -Jessica Edouard
  • Grateful to pledge for 24 more
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Should I?.....Taking Risks in Recovery


"If you never attempt, never ask, or ever leave the comfort zone, the answer will always be "no" and everything will stay the same."
~ thomas ~

      Seems that taking risks to get what I want from recovery and life itself has just become a way of life…

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  • Admin
    God forgives.
  • Admin
  • I recovered my awareness
  • Grateful to sit and listen to the steady pleasant rains instead of being stuck out there in it with anxiety and chaos. Thank you again recovery.
  • God is working in me to open my eyes and heart to his word.
  • My Son is 1 year sober and 30 years old today!
    • Super Happy Birthday to your son and Big Congrats on his recovery. This is a Good News Smile for sure today!
    • Admin
      That's fantastic! Thanks for telling us!
  • The love and support of my family keeps me strong.
  • You are here!
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