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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I ask God everyday for another 24! Thanks for making it a space like this for sharing-caring with others dealing with this disease...
  • I am pledging to the next 24 hours in grateful sobriety
  • At the end... we only regret the chances we had.

    I pledge, I will stay sober today
  • Pledging for this 24!
  • Had to be patient for the respite but had faith that it would come. Grateful for my past 24 hours sober. And here's my pledge to stay sober for the next 24 hours. Keep coming back as we say in Ireland !! Xx
  • Next 24: Recovery; Sanity
    • I hear you !!
  • i love recovery <3
  • Love you all, enjoy the day!
  • Pledging 24 hours of healthy eating and loving it even if I am feeling defeated or scared.
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I came home to a warm cozy place that I love In the CO Rockies, snow crunching under my feet, with a nice warm cozy wood stove that has been burning all day. Dog at my feet. I have everything I need because I am sober, I could have lost it all. I am indeed so grateful.
  • I got up and worked out before work. It's nice to start the day on a healthy note.
  • My church has online replay of the services and I was able to catch up on and listen to the past 2 weeks service on a series called " What keeps you up at night"
  • I am drinking tea, not wine. In fact I'm grateful for tea in general.
  • The dearest friends are in Recovery
  • Meditation helps me return to silence and connect with a peaceful "source energy" inside myself.
  • For the God of my understanding who helps me through each day.
  • Returning home from visiting my son who was abstinent today and yesterday
  • I've pulled out of a depressive episode & am able to go to my meeting with my sponsor tonight.
  • for the life I have today with the God of my understanding
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