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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • Here I am.pledging 24!
  • Another day to be sober and straight.
  • Good day everyone I pledge to stay sober today, I hope you all have a great 24.
  • Gratefully I'm in with my pledge for today.
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    It's a great day for doing what I do absolutely best of lazy! Love lazy days. Thing is, I find that a lot of my lazy doesn't lay around like it used to, it just spends it's time doing the fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. That's just another of the many treasures of living this way. A lifestyle of recovery and empowerment means that life moves into flowing rivers that bring us enjoyment instead of those raging rapids of addiction that threatened to drown us.
    And I get to enjoy that journey with all of you...soooooooo.....
    Let's do it gang! Together for another

    Big Hugs on Everyone! thomas
  • Good morning ((((Everyone)))). I'm in with my pledge to not drink alcohol today. Today will be nice, I'll talk with some friends, do some cleaning, and then relax with my knitting. Hope you all have a good and sober Sun.
  • In 4 24!
  • Gratefully pledge another day of abstinence and clean eating with the help of my higher power. So thankful to have found this recovery.
  • grateful to pledge 24 more hours of sobriety. A glorious morning today here in Manitoba Canada. Have a wonderful day!
  • Grateful to be alive and sober this morning. Aiming for grace for another day.
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • Grandkids - spending the weekend.
  • Grandkids!
  • To wake up to a beautiful day.
  • Of the kindred spirits I have found in recovery. The sense of humor brings me joy.
  • It feels good to get reasonably angry about some things in life, and because all dogs go to heaven.
  • It's today!
  • I am in California and I am surrounded by love and family.
  • Despite my back pain I can still follow the recovery path as this too shall pass.
  • Power in the truth.
  • I am only powerless over mood altering things. The rest of my life is a journey of empowerment.
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