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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • Had my last drink yesterday. I can't do it anymore I have too much good in my life to squander on a drink. I hate it. Praying for strength and for love to fill my heart. Hoping fervently for one last chance with my husband and children. I have been so stupid and I am angry with myself but I know I need to work on forgiving myself someday. Thank God for my husband he has been there through all my drinking bs and I don't want to put him through anymore, he is my best friend, not alcohol.
    • ((( Thankful )))) Good for you! Congrats and Welcome to our Home! Lots of great people with tons of encouragement and support every step of the way! I'm here for you and so are a lot of others. Sending you a Big Tennessee Welcome Hug! .....and a friend request too for your messaging. thomas
  • I am so uncomfortable when its almost time to go home from work.
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    I'm really late coming to continue the pledge I make every single morning anyway. A bit of a cool front here with the weather and threats of tremendous rains and storms a bit later, I thought it best to get the outdoor projects and chores done today early. One of the things I love about living in recovery is how it's taught me to be bendable, flexible, and open to sudden changes. Everything is manageable in some way when we remain sober and do the next right things as best we know how.
    So let's do that very thing for the rest of this 24 gang! Big Hugs on Everyone! thomas
  • I just have to say this cuz its really bothering me. I cant drive to work so lately I have been taking the train to work but this week I had my oldest kid to drive and I just provide her gas money its fair. My situation has drastically change my behalf and I have been having issues so he doesn't drive me to work nor picking me up either this is been going on for 3weeks. I have walked 20k steps Monday to Friday between home to train station and from work to train stations to home between those 3weeks I have drinking my life away every night I worried about if I am going to pay rent, schools for my kids, utilities and food because my behalft cannot help me with any responsibilities and supporting our family financially either (this is why I am loosing my hairs now) until couples days ago I saw I was going to the wrong way. So something has to give I needed to stop drinking. So again my oldest kids has been driving me to work for 3days now I know our schedule will change painfully she has to take her brother and sister to school because that is the only way we can do so I can be at work. Then she comes to me and asked do I have to drive you to work when I star taking the kids to school? This broke my heart sincerely. Do I sound selfish? or do I just believed that family is suppose to help each other in every step of the way?
    • (((mm))) I feel your frustration and I will reply to you in a Private Message as I don't want to take up large spaces on the Pledge Page. Why not copy/paste this into a Discussion in the Discussions Section? I think you will get more responses. Sorry you are going through this. Hugs and watch your inbox! thomas
  • Finishing this month STRONG and SOBER
    • Amen!
  • In with my pledge to not drink today. Off for a couple days of vacation to wrap up the summer!
  • Good Glorious Wednesday morning to all my fellow pledgers. I pledge to live another 24 hours in recovery and I'm looking forward to doing just that, living. Hugs of love for all.
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One of the best known, and most popular prayers associated with recovery is The Serenity Prayer.  Its message applies to everyone, whether in recovery or not.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change …” Realistically, although we often wish and act otherwise, we cannot change other people’s attitudes, thoughts and actions.  We do not have that control – only they do.  There are also aspects of places and things that we cannot change.  We can change our…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am grateful today because I am still sober right now.
  • I got fresh raspberries, wild blueberries, and pears at the farmers' market today. Yummy.
  • ....doing projects and work, maintenance and chores in and around my home is such a satisfying feeling......and constantly reminds me that recovery is what makes feeling and doing so even possible.
  • of my Husband
  • I can take it one day at a time.
  • I have a God of my understanding that loves and cares for me, no strings attached!
    • Amen!
  • I have the resources and tools to maintain my sobriety
  • i am sober and loving it!!!
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