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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I pledge no drink at all today
  • Pledging to work on my recovery for the next 24 hours so I might live in recovery, thanks to all the good people in my life for making it possible
  • Hi everybody, I just completed residential treatment yesterday.
  • Pledging another 24 hours of living meth free.
  • My daughter doesn't understand that the word sexual, after the word bi or homo has a meaning to it. She's dating a girl and calls herself bi-sexual but has no intention of having sex with her, tho they do "make out". My job is like being in active addiction. Chaos. I spend more money on stupid stuff now that I'm working and I want a house. Am I an addict? Indeed I am. Just for today I promise not to drink or drug over the things I have not control over and work on what I do. I miss pledging and still miss the old page. Oh well..... One more day clean and free from active addiction. June 21 I had four years of recovery. I will be celebrating at my home group on the 29th. I will never pick up again but they say never say never. so here's to the next 24. Peace out.
  • I pledge I will stay sober today
  • I am absolutely committed to staying sober for 24 hours. While I do not believe in god, I do have a higher power which is the wisdom I have gained from my grandmother and the various mentors in my life.

    I have been sober 37 years this month. I made a commitment to my grandmother to remain sober and I will always honor that commitment.
    • Thanks so much for sharing this! x
    • Congratulations and what a tribute to your grandmother.
    • Congratulations!!!
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One Word

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  • Listen
  • Humble
  • Tired as I didn't sleep well. Glad that the cost to take of the brakes on my vehicle is different than what I was quoted.
  • Pleased
  • Gift
  • Transitioning
  • Present
  • Love
  • Possibilities
  • Courageous
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am grateful for the
    "breath of fresh air"
    that new members, returning members and those who have "just completed residential treatment"
    for their posts keep me grounded and help keep it simple.
  • Of my counselor
  • I have love, patience and tolerance today. Never forgetting where I come from but never looking back. Thank you to all who were here when I joined, the 12 steps and a terrific sponsor for who I am eternally grateful for.
  • Being able to complete a project in one day. That would not have happened in my using days!
    • Isn't it amazing!!??? I often have grateful thoughts thinking back on messes made and more damage done than I had to begin with. Good for you!
  • It is a brand new day and I'm feeling like myself again.
    • ...and yourself looks very good on you (((Maysa)))!!
  • I have friends who say very encouraging and wonderful things to, "Hey, let's have lunch!" Two is a very unlonely number.
  • I cooked myself breakfast before work which is definitely better than what I usually do. I have two sleepyheads (Lucifer the cat & Bear the dog) beside me that are my world. I refrained from losing my temper at my partner who moved something on me that I couldn't find. There are just more important issues and life is short.
    • How right you are ((Michelle)))! 90% of all we get all out of contentment over is just....sooooo unimportant! Your perspective and insight is awesome! Hugs on Ya!
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