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  • Happy Fried Day Congrats 9 Monthers!! I will her helping to set up for Memorial activities at the Eagle Point National Cemetery this weekend.
    a ggift of sobriety.
  • I pledge a sober Friday ------- have a great day everyone
  • Camping with friends, barely a craving. Happy in my sobriety and pledge another 24 hours clean and sober!
  • Another 24 hours of sobriety pledging for me!
  • Grateful to be celebrating 9 months of sobriety today :)

    I am pledging, once again, for a sober 24.
    • Grateful to join Sidney today in pledging not to drink today. 9 months for me too! Congratulations. HIGH FIVE!
    • Congratulations to you!!! Feels pretty awesome, doesn't it??
    • Congrats! 9 months is Awesome!!!!!
      Keep Coming Back!!!
  • i pledge to have a to have a wonderful busy day. loving sobriety and enjoying life!
  • Happy Friday (((everyone)))! Looking forward to another 24 hours of recovery. No alcohol for me today. I feel so much better these days without a hangover to deal with. Thank you God and the people of Daily Pledge!
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I'm well enough to take care of business, if I was hungover it would be a different story
  • I have the day off of work and am going to another A.A. meeting home group..
  • i have a job and a good support system!
  • mind, body, and soul are at rest and peace this morning.No hangover to contend with. Just enjoying morning nature sounds.
  • ... I really like my therapist. We laugh together! <3
  • I can choose not to drink today.
  • I did not get hurt more then I did when I fell down the stairs today.
    • You fell smart! Glad you're OK :)
  • I can think of my TO-DO list as a GET-TO-DO list.
  • ...I no longer have fear of holiday weekends, traveling, police, or negative consequences in my life.
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