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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • joining the recovery chain for the next 24 hours, thanks for your support x
  • Clean and Sober 494 days
    Saved close to $40,000, so far
  • Clean and sober doesn't look as shiny these days as it did when it was new, but instead of looking like I'm on Death's door (which I was - along with many of you) I prefer to think I look broken-in but not broken, well-worn but not worn out, and I'm rocking a nice patina that comes with aging (almost ) gracefully. Many thanks to all of you for making it possible. That being said, I'm signing up for another 24 hours of clean and sober living.
  • Pledging another 24 free of drink and feeling truly free.
  • Off to help with the great A.A. stake feed. no booze allowed
  • Gratefully pledging sobriety today. Amen :)
  • Its early, doing my things to do. Its really hard right now my kids are with their dad and my boyfriend is off today and his having a beer already! Here I am trying to get sober. I know that I am the one with the problem and we've been thru this before please God hold my hands.
    • Realize it may be tough right now getting through urges and drink thinking, but you are correct.......God has one of your hands.....we have the other. You've got This! The uncomfortable goes away, but you gotta keep the right choice......and it is a choice, just a difficult one for the moment. We're right here! Big Support Hug! thomas
  • Going to get through my Saturday without alcohol. In with my pledge!
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    Wow! So much great recovery going on around here!! Love this each-othering way of doing things!!

    ((((( Nat )))))) Safe travels......I know you will be glad to get home! Always and Encouragement Hug for You!!!

    ((((Sarah)))) Can't wait to hear about your adventures, board games, and new discoveries today!! So exciting!!! Big "Monopoly" Hug on Ya!

    ((((Kim S)))) 200 & 14 !! Way, way cool.....You go girl! Congrats Hugs!

    Easy going day with a performance tonight, which is always great fun. Especially so tonight, since my sister is coming from out of state to see my show....again! My how things have wonderfully changed over the last years!

    Let's keep doing it together gang! Gorgeous day for each-othering our way down the path. Big Hugs on Everyone! thomas
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One of the best known, and most popular prayers associated with recovery is The Serenity Prayer.  Its message applies to everyone, whether in recovery or not.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change …” Realistically, although we often wish and act otherwise, we cannot change other people’s attitudes, thoughts and actions.  We do not have that control – only they do.  There are also aspects of places and things that we cannot change.  We can change our…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • my husband is on the Barra Ferry coming home after almost a week away x
  • ...someone thanked me today; I witnessed an act of kindness between strangers which encouraged me to pass it on; someone nodded my way - a small gesture acknowledging my arrival and making me feel welcome into the room; grateful I can pay something forward
  • My son is crabby but not high. Odd how crabby can be something to be thankful for.
  • .....I'm grateful to get to be alongside (((mm))) recovery together right beside each other, who is right beside more each other, who is beside more of each other. Many journey!! This works!!
  • I am grateful today because before I start my day I have this site to go to. My peace and serenity. Thank you.
  • ... I do matter, I do make a difference, I am good.
  • I have found direction in your post "Musicianthomas it's wonderful to wake up to good consequences today because I took responsibility and lived well yesterday" Living life in progress.
  • I lost my debit card on the way to spend $ foolishly (impulsively and irresponsibly)
    • Ouch!....but what great perspective and insight!
  • I'm grateful that God has given me the strength to be sober.
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