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  • New here, but got another day of sobriety under my belt! Grateful!
    • Welcome! And May the Recovery 4th Be With You. (sorry, I tried to resist:). Seriously, though, glad you're here!
  • Looking forward to another 24 hours without picking up!!!☺
    • Yes! Keep putting those 24s together. Block all pick up contacts from your phone and Facebook.
  • After another 3-day conference where my people I know drank heavily (shots), I am in for a sober day. Interesting thing was, I had absolutely no desire to be a part of that group and instead spent my time reading, running, and taking care of me.
    • Congratulations and good for you!!!
  • No using dope for me today!
  • Chores around the house today do NOT include drinking!
  • Jumping in today with my pledge! NO drink for me today... Really ready for some down time, but none to be had until AFTER May 13! So.... thankful I can be busy and contribute in some way. Hugs all around! May the 4th be with you!
  • Gm. .Today is my first day on looking forward to hear so good new...pledging to stay sober
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am grateful that my husband came home to a sober wife.
  • I have hope in my life
  • I wasn't even tempted to drink at my work conference.
  • I have a plan of action and I am successfully achieving my goals
  • I have dear friends and lots of laughter in my life!
  • I can celebrate my daughter's 20th birthday sober--and with a clear head!!
  • I am more patient, calm, and less anxious than when I was drinking.
  • be blessed with the gift of music, both in listening, creating, and re-creating it through instrument and Spirit. So healing and so energizing and inspiring!
  • I have opportunities in my life that I would not have if I was not sober and working a program.
  • for fun and laughter and friends.
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