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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • I pledge 24 hours of Sobriety !
  • Pledging not to drink alcohol for this 24 hours and thanking all the good people round me who help me achieve this on a daily basis x
  • Pledging to remain sober, just for today.
  • Optimistic
  • Another day clean! Grateful for today.
  • pledging for another day in sobriety
  • I pledge I will stay sober today
  • I'm pledging today.
  • Pledging my sobriety/recovery for another 24 hours, one moment at a time.
  • 24 and done........
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In the last few days, I have read the obituaries in my local newspaer, only to read about the sudden death of two beautiuful, intelligent, and talented young women.  One being 28 years old, one being 24 years old. Both college graduates.  Both were holding good work positions.  Both were just beginning their young adult life.  And sadly, they have passed on, leaving their families devastated.  As I read this news, I thought of my owm granddaughters, who are 28 and 26 years old, have a…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • as hard as I find it to do I have said no and mean it, feel like rubbish but I have.
  • The many true friends I have on this journey, and that I know how to be a friend today.
  • My son is alive, sober, working, in out patient treatment and has stable good housing...Thank God
  • My recovering son is doing great on our family vacation!
  • I am sober.
  • I am free from alcohol and drugs affecting my health, my mind, and my Spirit.
  • I have "graduated" to step down!
  • This people here on this site have become friends.
    • Yes we have! And you are one of the best to be walking alongside with on this pathway!!
    • Awwww, thanks (((Tom)))
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