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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • In 4 24!
  • Pledging 24 more!
  • Gladly giving 24 sober hours
  • Pledging 24 hours of freedom from alcohol.
  • Pledging for today
  • Good Morning (((Pledgers))) This is my pledge not to drink alcohol or abuse a drug of any kind. I am loving the busy life and feel useful today. I have had the opportunity to help two people in the last 24 hours go to rehab.............sobriety is contagious it seems. First my daughter a few months ago, then my grandson and now two friends have approached me about rehab. WOWSA! The more I love others, the more they are feeling the time has come for them love themselves and give themselves the gift I have received. Amazing how it works. Have a beautiful Sunday.
  • Good morning everyone. I pledge to not drink or smoke today.
  • I pledge another 24 hours of sobriety
  • Good morning recovery family! Pledging another 24 hours of emotional and physical health!
  • I gratefully pledge another 24 hours of sobriety
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One Word

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  • Anxiety
  • Timeless
  • Attraction
  • change
  • Freedom
  • Mindfulness
  • Serenity
  • Poison
  • Happiness
  • Rested
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I am not much but I am all the me I have got.

Early on in my journey into recovery I started hearing about “character defects” and that everybody has them. They were made to sound like some alien soul sucking parasitic critter. Further I was told I needed to get rid said parasitic critters asap or I would get drunk.

Now not only was I not sure what the soul sucking parasitic varmints were I was not at all sure how to get rid of them. A flea and tick collar maybe??

Not to fear I was told I needed to do a fourth and fifth…

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Finding the Path from Justifying to Testifying

As an avid reader, writer, and speaker about life before and after recovery from life-threatening addiction, I appreciate the use of carefully placed words. The hope is that the tale takes anyone interested from point A to point B with little confusion and, with any success, a connection. I learned that when I testify, there is no need to justify.…

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Thought for the Day

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am realizing that by just caring for myself I am becoming an attraction to the program.
  • I am grateful my son is no longer sick! he got up and completed all his chores without being asked. I am grateful that I have been able to accept many things that I still don't understand, but I am trusting my higher power.
  • Grateful for all wonderful people I have met in the rooms and all their shares of hope strength and courage
  • Grateful for kind words and soft nudges in the right direction
  • all the good news posts which pave the path of recovery, thank you for sharing yours
    Jackie x
  • I have 92 sober days today!
  • I'm sober, in good health, feel positive, and have inner joy.
  • It's a Saturday and I don't have a terrible hangover. Everytime, I think I'm having a bad day...I know it could be worse. Today, I just have to keep my attitude in check because my emotions show and I make myself look bad when I behave in certain ways. Progress not perfection.
  • I am looking forward to sharing this weekend with my sober family
  • I can enjoy a day full of activities today. And today is my 15 year anniversary at my job : )
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