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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • Pledging 24, going in for my second night shift.So glad to see all your posts today. You all keep my inspired.
  • I pledge I will stay sober today
  • I pledge for the next 24 to do our Creators will. I will let the light of the spirit shine and practice the grace of universal infinite agape! Words from the Heart of the Universe By SharryLove
  • Better late than never...the pledge still stands.
  • 24 hours please
  • In for another 24!
  • I pledge 24 hours of sobriety
  • (((((((Pledgers))))))))) Here's my promise not to drink or drug for this 24!

    What a nice quiet hour again this morning. There is something about being out with nature, the critters, and the songs of the morning birds that seems to bring a naturally created peace to begin the day with.
    My reflections during that hour was how life as a whole is so much more of a calm and peaceful way to live today. Oh we can complicate, analyze, evaluate, and compare in panic the simplest of matters. Things that will mean very little or nothing within a day or so become all consuming, whirlwinds of thoughts and wreak havoc within otherwise more useful and calmer days. Almost always, the solution lies in knowing that less is actually more. As easy as asking, "How genuinely urgent is this right now....really?" when our minds start to play panic games can guide us to either take an action or place it on a priority list...and then let it go either way having done what today provides us to do.

    So many of our moments are not nearly as urgent as we think they are.
    Learning to calm myself and choose peace instead solves so very many moments into a smoother day's journey.

    Speaking of the journey....let's walk today's together gang!
    Big Hugs on Everyone! thomas
    • Thanks for sharing that Thomas. You're a great teacher.
  • Grateful for another day I can pledge sobriety for 24.
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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I am grateful today because of the wisdom that I am acquiring and the peace that it brings. And I'm grateful for the burns that keep me from reaching for that hot stove again.
  • Inspired
  • I am alive and have people in my life who care about me
  • I am alive and my kids are healthy
  • I can learn from those here in recovery.
  • I relaxed on my day off but knocked some things off my checklist as well :)
  • my dog loves me.
  • I have a wonderful dog in my life.
  • I'm establishing a new relationship
  • of all the inspiring words I read on this site everyday. Thank you all
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