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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • Here is to another 24 hours, 24 days, and 24 years
  • I pledge I will stay sober today
  • Pledging a happy 24, even though it is the end of the day.
  • Pledging to taper and not take a drink just for today. First day of work and it was wonderful. I love being creative!
    • I'm so happy you are pleased with your job! Your recovery AND your life is unfolding in so many wonderful ways. It's a joy watching you grow and bloom!
  • I'm sober today and pledge to be so for the next 24 hours regardless of what happens.
  • I pledge another 24! 5 months today! I don't have to relapse again. Ever! Hope everyone enjoys their day.
    • No, you do not have to ever relapse again! That mindset will carry you through any winds, whether breezes or storms! A HUGE congrats on your 5 months! Big Atta-Girl Hugs to Ya! thomas
  • GOD is good
  • I'm in with my pledge to live another day in grateful recovery. Happy Hump Day!!
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I have high-functioning-Autism. 

I always knew there was something different about the way in which I experience the world. I never knew why, but after years of searching I have some understanding. While meeting with a new PCP she noticed I didn't make much eye contact and during her screening of MH issues I noted that I do not like to be touched.  She asked me if I had ever been tested for Autism.  Her simple comment led me to do tons of research and get a diagnosis which…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • Alcohol will never be a part of my life again!
    • Welcome to empowered recovery and a huge congrats!! Now it's all and only about....let's help each others dreams and challenges in this thing called!! You've so got this girl! Hugs!
  • I love my job, genuinely love it!
  • I have 5 months today.
    • Emma! That is wonderful! Congrats, you are so strong!
    • Fantastic!
  • I have the ability to manage my day with the help of my higher power.
  • of the beautiful weather we have had the last 4 days! It makes my heart smile!
  • For the sunshine warming me in the morning as I drink my coffee on my front porch.
  • I have great support in my lives.
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