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  • I pledge I will stay sober today
  • Blessings to all as i move through another 24.
  • Busy morning-- pledging late, but hope everyone is having a super day! Will not drink today.
  • Here I am for another 24. Lovely, crisp fall day. Enjoy the present, everyone.
  • Thankfully pledging another day of sobriety
  • I'm in for another twenty four
  • I will remain sober today (40days)
    • so happy for you, you are a great example!
  • Pledging for today
  • It's going to be a great day! Staying sober to be a part of it! Have a great day everybody!
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We died of pneumonia in furnished rooms
where they found us three days later
when somebody complained about the smell
we died against bridge abutments
and nobody knew if it was suicide
and we probably…

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • I was shown again-- that when you sincerely ask, you will receive. Always grateful!
  • I had a chance to spend 4 days with two wonderful and supportive friends. So grateful for these friends.
  • 1) So grateful I did not have to be nervous and concern about having a nail in my tire, acceptance of living in life terms.
    2) I woke up this morning
    3) I so grateful I did not disappeared years during my relapsed
    4) I am so grateful I returned to this wonderful living.
    5) I am grateful for every little things that life has to offer.
  • ...I am grateful to no longer count the days....but to make the days count instead. Quantity means nothing more than itself...just a bigger or longer number. Quality means everything and it's up to me to unwrap it all.
  • I'm tired but it's a "feel good" tired not a hungover tired; I had a good 2nd day at my part-time job and am grateful I can be okay with the feelings of a new job; and above all I have another day of sobriety and enjoying my life!
  • I have been allowed another chance at recovery. Thanks everyone for the help.
  • I am rested, content and ready to tackle the week
  • I'm living a life with purpose.
  • I have a wonderful, supportive family!
  • I am present for myself and others.
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