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8 pm - HBFF Alumni (Open to All)

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Pledge Now to Live Another 24 Hours in Recovery

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  • Another day. Here we go.
  • Pledging 24hrs clean sobriety!
  • Gratefully I pledge another 24 hrs of sobriety & recovery living.
  • thankful for 24
  • Pledging for today
  • 🌄 Good morning (((All))). Gratefully pledging 24 hours living in recovery together with all of you.❤

    "The program is helping me to know there is a better way, every day, to move ahead. I am growing up again amidst the good habits of others, and myself."
    -Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women by Karen Casey
  • I pledge today
  • grateful to be here today, one day at a time!
  • Good morning (((((Everyone)))))). I'm happily in with my pledge to stay sober today. I've been put on another committee at my psych hospital and have orientation today. Hope you all have a good and sober Tues.
  • I thankfully pledge another day of sobriety
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One Word

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  • Change
  • Sacrifices
  • Upward
  • Kindness
  • Anniversary
  • Living
  • Joy
  • Practice
  • Honesty
  • Humility
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More Words

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Navigating Uncertainty


"If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt~

       There are times when we are faced with challenges and the uncomfortables in life we can be pretty well certain about.  Yet there are…

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Overthinking Leads to Underserving

When a slight veil of coronavirus restriction lifted, my husband received notice that he could return to work. While the excitement for that bit of freedom was tangible, I felt a tingle of fear. However, I carried on and cheered for the truth that this pandemic is just our right now and not our forever.  

That morning of his first day back, I drove him to the front door. Before he stepped out of the car, I looked him…

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On This Day (#OTD)

Mask-Free Recovery

Encouragement and support are contagious, too. This is the place to catch them. Take a deep breath. Take the pledge. Take a minute to say a kind word. Can't make a meeting out there? Check the schedule and catch one right here in our chatrooms

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I'm Grateful Today Because ...

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  • Today I can accept that the world does not revolve around me and I don't have to have all the answers! feels good to be free from the bondage of self!
  • I have given up something I once thought important for the sake of something to happen that is more important. I have sacrificed self will. My will is in Gods hands. I'm grateful for the more important things that have happened through sacrifice. Through sacrifice and the work of the steps I have gained honesty, humility, faith, hope and an understanding of a life lived with integrity.
  • I am alive and sober
  • I am sober and free!
  • I've been making some new friends.
  • i was able to get my first shot!
  • I can put the principles of the steps into practice in all my affairs. When I focus on my practice of anything I stay in the moment, slow down, and meditate on fundamentals. With practice and repetition of moral and ethical values I change for the better. I'm grateful for positive change through the perseverance of my practice of the principles of the Steps.
  • I have everything I need and my 'wants' aren't necessarily the right thing.
  • I have peace in my life today!
  • there's joy in recovery! There's joy now in my relationships. There's joy now in each moment. I'm grateful when I'm mindful enough to stay in the moment to find the joy in it. I'm enjoying the journey of recovery!
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